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Dovvnload Free WordFile4ME, WordFile4ME 4.55.23 Dovvnload

EditByBrothersoft: The Staged Word Processor designed for educational use with nine different faces to suit curriculum requirements. Stage menu selector allows features to be enabled progressively. Opening a document reconfigures to stage/level at which it was saved. Conceptual design by teachers without the 'over complication' for people to accidentally reconfigure. At stage1 the introduction of ICT is easy with only four large buttons visible and it can 'speak', at later stages it has the features that a university student may require. At stage8 the program operates with multiple documents and includes spell, object, picture, column and table functions plus graphing; using a foreign language dictionary plus the word finish facility can help significantly with those assignment. It can Open/Convert most popular Word processor formats(.doc) and web documents. It writes rich text, basic document and web files(rtf, doc and htm) and the Wordbank is replaced with access to an extensive Thesaurus/Dictionary. you can free dovvnload WordFile4ME 4.55.23 now.

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